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You have questions about OpenDiscussion.XYZ, we have answers:

Q: I tried to register at one site and found myself at this site (OpenDiscussion.XYZ), what’s going on here?

A: What’s going on is that you have discovered a site that is part of the Open Discussion XYZ Network.

Q: What is the Open Discussion XYZ Network?

A: Open Discussion XYZ is a network of ‘discussion’ (forum, groups, bulletins, and/or blog) websites that share a common user base, however, manage their own content independently.

Q: How do I know if a site is part of the Open Discussion XYZ Network?

A: It should state that it is “part of the OpenDiscussion.XYZ network” at the login screen. Also, if you check out the ‘Sites’ page at the OpenDiscussion.XYZ site, you will see a list of all the sites that make up the network.

Q: Why a network?

A: By registering at the network level allows the user to have access to multiple sites without re-registering at each one. And even though the content is managed individually at each site, you can search all the sites in the network for a particular topic. Also, you can interact with ALL the other members of the network without having to figure out what site they are at.

Q: What does XYZ suppose to mean?

A: Actually, XYZ could mean anything. Unlike web addresses that have a dot COM for commercial or a dot ORG for an organization or a dot CA for Canada (suggesting the site is limited to the country of Canada), dot XYZ web addresses don’t have this limitation. Thus sites in our network could be an ‘open discussion’ on anything!

Q: What does registration do?

A: By registering on our network you create a user profile much like any other social network. Just like any other social network, you can interact with the other members and participate in the activities the sites provide. Once registered, your access level is set to subscriber/spectator which gives access to view/read member-only stuff and build your profile. Once you have finished building your profile and read all the important stuff like for example the Terms Of Service, you can upgrade your access to the contributor/participant level.

Q: Setting up a site on your network would be cool, how is that done?

A: If you are new to the network, I would use the network as a regular user for a while to get the hang of how it works. If you have been a user for a while and use the network regularly, then the first step would be to Contact Us with your idea. By contacting us first, we can work with/help you with the setup and configuration of the site. Going to the Membership area of this site, you can upgrade your membership to the author level which allows you to create a site on our network.